George_SebulelaMr George Sebulela – Group Chairman


“There are a lot of agencies offer similar services… albeit, not many offer the quality, creative excellence, and project management the way we do. This is what makes our marketing agency so refreshingly different. SMA Agency prides itself on having a celebrated, skilled and passionate creative team members that have a wealth of experience in all areas of design and marketing to support you on any project.


As the CEO and President of Sebvest Group, we are a client of SMA Agency Media Group. SMA Agency handles all the marketing, communications and branding for all the companies in the group including Sebvest Holdings, Capital Partners, Sebvest Foods, Stryker Security, African Entrepreneurs Council, Sebvest Engineering, Skyco Media, Sound Level Entertainment and all our other businesses. We would love the opportunity to help you with all your marketing and communications needs.”

Some brands we’ve worked on:

The SMA Agency Creative Process and Approach.

1. Explore

Inquire into or discuss (a subject) in detail: “he sets out to explore fundamental questions”
We extensively research markets, media, communications, objectives and trends before developing any strategy, creative or plan for each project.

2. Expound

Present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail: “he was expounding a powerful argument”
Once we fully understand objectives and the environment for each project, we formulate a strategy that defines activities, media, communications and tone.

3. Execute

Put (a plan, or course of action) into effect: “the company executed a series of vital deals”
Guided by a comprehensive strategy, we implement our plan, be an event or a campaign, each individual activity is defined and adheres to the strategy.

4. Evaluate

Form an idea of the amount, or value of: “the study will evaluate the impact of changes”
We always measure the value of our work to determine how well a campaign, a media stream or activation has or is performing in order to make necessary tweaks.